Bim Skala Bim

Bim Skala Bim, formed in BostonMassachusetts, was a third wave ska band that started in 1983 and remained active until 2002. They were influenced by the bands in England‘s 2 Tone movement, as well as bands such as the ClashUB40 and Bob Marley. They released several albums and they started their own record label, BiB Records, to release some of their own music as well as music by other ska bands.

Bim Skala Bim was founded by vocalist Dan Vitale and bassist Mark Ferranti. Its lineup has also included drummer Jim Arhelger, percussionist Rick Barry, keyboard player John Cameron, trombonist John Ferry, guitarist Jim Jones, keyboardist Robin Ducot, guitarist Ephraim Lessell, drummer John Sullivan, trombonist Vinnie Noble, trombonist Mark Paquin and saxophonist Dave Butts, singer Jackie Starr, singer, Lauren Flesher, trombonist Chris Rhodes, and trombonist Walt Bostian.

On November 20, 2009 it was announced that Bim Skala Bim would reunite to open for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones at Night #3 of their twelfth “Hometown Throwdown” on Monday, December 28.