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Ska was and still is generally a super underrated music style. 

Ok, some of the artists on this list are not Ska but started as ska bands or have some ska influenced stuff to show. 

Sorted by country in alphabetical order 

Please also visit my personal favourite list of
 The 10 Best Ska Albums of All Time

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D-D-D-Dance! Allniters

Australia / Sydney

Suited & Booted Backy Skank

Australia / Newcastle

Sexually Harrasta Loin Groin

Australia / Melbourne

Time to Get Naked OiSka

Australia / Melbourne

Hot Dog Daiquiri The Porkers

Australia / Sydney

Arrivederci! - Live @ PBS 106.7 FM The Ska Vendors

Australia / Melbourne

Rocking Steady The Signals

Australia / Melbourne

Movin' In Strange Tenants


King Apparatus King Apparatus

Canada / Toronto

Let's Go to Work The Kingpins

Canada / Montreal

The Life of the Party The Planet Smashers

Canada / Montreal

Lovers Choice Babylove & The Van Dangos

Denmark / Copenhagen

Bad Bad Reggae 8°6 Crew

France / Paris

Live, Panic & Chaos Skarface

France / Paris

Turn Off Two Tone Club

France / Montpellier

Perfect Situation Alpha Boy School

Bochum / Germany

Why You Bad Soh? Anger Management League

Germany / Munich

A Fistful of Offbeat beNuts

Germany / Munich

Ska Is Our Business Bluekilla

Germany / Munich

Founded in 1985, still playing.

Ska Got Soul The Braces


Make a Move! The Busters

Germany / Wiesloch

Founded in 1987, still playing.

Time Tunnel The Butlers


Too High for Low Court Jester’s Crew


Big Up! Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars

Germany / Münster

Bigger Is Tough Dr. Woggle and the Radio

Germany / Weinheim

Komplett El Bosso und die Pingpongs

Germany / NRW

Glitterball Boy Frau Doktor

Germany / Wiesbaden

Shit Hit / Lion's Diner / Siberian Dreams Mother’s Pride

Germany / Berlin

Daily Talk Ngobo Ngobo

Germany / BW

Sophisticated Woman / Here Come The Nighthawks The Nighthawks

Germany / Munich

Successfools No Sports

Germany / Stuttgart

Saturday Night... Scrapy

Germany / Passau, Bavaria

One More Spicy Roots


Pocomania Skaos

Germany / Krumbach

Founded in 1982, still playing.

Strength to Leave The Special Guests

Germany / Berlin

Do You Know? The Steamy Dumplings

Germany / Munich

Little Planet Yellow Umbrella

Germany / Dresden

The Fishska

Indonesia / Bekasi, West Java

CRX Casino Royale

Italy / Milano

Contiamo su di Voi Los Fastidios

Italy / Verona

Hooligan Reggae The Offenders

Italy / Cosenza

Tuttapposto Roy Paci & Aretuska

Italy / Sicily

Le mie prigioni RedSka

Italy / Emilia-Romagna

Behold! The Anthology The Blues Busters


Engine '54 The Ethiopians


Soca Bacchanal Byron Lee and the Dragonaires


Down on Bond Street Tommy McCook & the Supersonics


Foundation Ska The Skatalites

Jamaica / United States

“The Skatalites are probably the best known first wave ska band and, along with Desmond Dekker and Bob Marley, the most famous Jamaican artists. Their distinct and more jazzy sound probably is the reason for people to crown them as the ‘ska creators’. They were the first band that I listened when searching for original ska, a few years ago, and Don D and Jackie Mittoo still persist as some of my favorite musicians.” – Ekto
Read more in the artist’s profile >>

On Tour Soul Vendors


Mojo Rocksteady Beat Sound Dimension


I Got No Reason Rollings

Japan / Tokio

Damn Good The Ska Flames

Japan / Tokio

Moods for Tokyo Ska, We Don't Know What Ska Is! Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Japan / Tokyo

The Aggrobeat / We Got Soul The Aggrobeats

Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur

One Way Ticket to Skaville: The Essential Mr. Review Mr. Review


The Right Track Rude Rich and The High Notes


Red Rum Rude & Visser


The New Heavyweight Champion The Upsessions


at Silvertone Studios The Phantoms

Norway / Oslo

High and Mighty The Valkyrians


Manila's Finest Put3ska

Philippines / Manila

A kto to tak to gra? Faza

Poland / Wroclaw

Great Poland Skauci

Poland / Warsaw

Bujaj Się Vespa


Thrills and Kills Spitfire

Russian Federation

Kontraritam Kontraritam

Serbia (Ex-Yugoslavia)

For a Few Pussies More The Cabrians

Spain / Catalonia / Barcelona

Beyond Organic La Familia Torelli

Spain / Catalonia / Lleida

Hostal Caribe Malarians

Spain / Madrid

Now! The Pepper Pots

Spain / Catalonia / Girona

Worldwide Delivery Liberator

Sweden / Malmö

Random Walk Plenty Enuff

Ska, Reggae, Northern Soul

Go Your Own Way 20 Dead Camels

UK / Stevenage (South West)

Right Line in Nylons The Amphetameanies

UK / Scotland

Ska 'n' B Bad Manners

UK / London

“Shallow and meaningless, Bad Manners could never have written a song with a message like The Specials’ “Ghost Town”, but their genius lies in their ability to realize you can’t dance to a song like “Ghost Town,” either.” – OttoLuck
Read more in the artist’s profile >>

The Bakesy's The Bakesy’s


I Just Can't Stop It The Beat


Nana Choc Choc in Paris The Deltones

UK / London

The Way Things Are The Hotknives

UK 90s, 00s

Doghouse Bass Intensified

UK / Kent

Jimmy the Squirrel Jimmy the Squirrel

UK / Nottingham

One Step Beyond... Madness

UK / London

“Madness took the English ska movement to new heights and commercial acceptance, with clever songwriting that had strong well crafted pop sensibilities and mass appeal. Their live shows have always had high energy and been highly entertaining and this is also reflected in their outrageous tongue-in-cheek music videos. I can honestly say I’ve never heard anyone tell me that they hate Madness with any conviction whatsoever.” – King_Fahtah
Read more in the artist’s profile >>

Sound of the New Town New Town Kings

UK / Glochester

Float Like a Butterfly Pama International

UK / on a sheep farm or abandoned church

Too Much Pressure The Selecter

UK / Coventry

Specials The Specials

UK / Coventry

This is the first SKAband that was added to RYM: Artist #101

“More than just creating another record label, the Specials ‘sent a message’ to everyone and helped to put the British ska movement under the bright lights of success. It’s easy to say that 2-Tone probably would not be the same without them.” – Ekto
Read more in the artist’s profile >>

Skinhead Moonstomp Symarip


Time Flies Too Hot


Celtic Ska The Trojans

UK / London

Major players in keeping the UK scene alive since the 1980s

Before the Revolution (Prima della rivoluzione) The Adjusters

USA / Chicago, IL

The Allston Beat The Allstonians


Second Hand Eastern Standard Time

USA / Washington DC

Truth and Soul Fishbone

USA / Los Angeles, CA

The six original members of Fishbone met during the late 1970s as a result of forced bussing in the Los Angeles school system.
The six shared an eclectic taste in music – something that has continued throughout their careers. Fishbone’s ability to mold funk and rock, ska and punk won them many admirers but has also been a key reason why they have not had more mainstream success.
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Essentials Go Jimmy Go

USA / Hawaii, Honolulu

Right on Time Hepcat

USA / Los Angeles, CA

Blood, Rum & Reggae The Impalers


Hello Rockview Less Than Jake


Less Than Jake began in 1992 when Gainesville natives Chris Demakes and Vinnie Fiorello began jamming together in 1992. After a while, the group settled on Roger Fiorello, a friend of Chris’s roommate, as a bassist.
Read more in the artist’s porfile >>

Music to Bowl By Let’s Go Bowling


Let's Face It The Mighty Mighty Bosstones


Low Blow New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble

United States

Tragic Kingdom No Doubt

started as a skaband

“Let’s start with Gwen, hell let’s end with her, ‘cuz none are finer examples of the pervading, percolatin’ riddims and stylie stylez of the Orange County music scene. I’d mistake this band for a thousand clubbers, back in the day, that one might find out late on the towns between Fullerton down to Huntington Beach, in dive bars like Safari Sam’s or Goodie’s or Linda’s Doll Hut, listening to everyone from Social Distortion to Fishbone to Suicidal Tendencies, then you’d maybe catch them after hours at the local Denny’s havin’ high times and adventures. I miss the ska-ter days and great mix of records the local post-punkers produced, but most of all I miss No Doubt, who led the way.” – elayblooze
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Energy Operation Ivy


Turn the Radio Off Reel Big Fish


Record of Convictions The Scofflaws


Fat Footin' Skavoovie & the Epitones

USA / ?

The Times Skoidats

United States / MT

Peculiar The Slackers


Everything Goes Numb Streetlight Manifesto


Open Season Stubborn Allstars

United States

Skaboom! The Toasters

United States

Diablo Desorden Público